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Monthly Meetings

Except during the summer months, the Society generally meets on the first Thursday of the month. We meet at noon at historic Belo Mansion in downtown Dallas, and we enjoy lunch together, along with a talk by a member or guest speaker.

When possible, we obtain approval for MCLE credit from the State Bar of Texas for our meetings. The non-member price for attending programs for MCLE credit is $10.

Click here for a Map to the Belo Mansion.

Scroll through the meeting listings below for information about our upcoming events, as well as our prior meetings.

Upcoming events

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Past events

09 Jun 2018 Family Mixer on the Green at a Polo Match
02 May 2018 Personalism, the Purpose of Business, and Counseling Clients
12 Apr 2018 The Five Kinds of Law According to St. Thomas Aquinas
01 Mar 2018 The Church in Society
01 Feb 2018 Thomas More’s Timeless Lessons for Lawyers
04 Jan 2018 What Can We Learn From The Early Christians?
07 Dec 2017 “Sue the SOBs!”: Lessons Learned in Litigation Involving Sexually-Oriented Businesses
02 Nov 2017 Winning at Deposition – Developing Your Trial Cross through the Adverse Deposition.
26 Oct 2017 October Happy Hour
05 Oct 2017 The 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformations: Causes and Effects.
07 Sep 2017 So How Do You Sanctify Your Work?
04 May 2017 Justice Gorsuch on the Past and (Uncertain) Future of Chevron
06 Apr 2017 The Vocation to Law
02 Mar 2017 What I saw at DFW: Immigration and Executive Orders
02 Feb 2017 Catholics and Presidential Politics: What Happened, and What Lies Ahead?
05 Jan 2017 The Long Road to Death Row and Back to Freedom: The Manuel Velez Story
01 Dec 2016 Expert on St. Thomas More Lectures on Utopia
01 Dec 2016 The Catholic Social Doctrine on Immigration: A Framework for Immigration Reform?
03 Nov 2016 Peter Wickersham, Esq. Which Is It? Conscientious Objection or Dishonorable Disobedience?.
20 Oct 2016 STMS Happy Hour
06 Oct 2016 Judge Royal Furgeson, Dean of the UNT Law School
01 Sep 2016 Sherrie Abney: Collaborative Law
16 Jun 2016 STMS Happy Hour
05 May 2016 Professor Matthew Wilson of SMU: Catholics and American voting behaviors
07 Apr 2016 Professor James Lee of SMU
03 Mar 2016 Dallas Court of Appeals Justice Douglas Lang:Catechism and Civility
04 Feb 2016 Father Ron Boudreaux: Ignatian spirituality and the Montserrat retreats
07 Jan 2016 Love is our Mission by Paul B. Hunker
12 Nov 2015 November STMS Meeting
01 Oct 2015 Pope Francis’s recent letter Laudato Si
03 Sep 2015 Obergefell and Religious Freedom
23 Jul 2015 St. Thomas More Happy Hour
20 May 2015 Rescheduled - Representing Unaccompanied Children and Families in Immigration Court (CLE)
07 May 2015 Daniel Ali
09 Apr 2015 Matt Kramer, President/Chief Executive Officer, of The Catholic Foundation.
12 Feb 2015 The STMS Happy Hour
04 Feb 2015 Fr. Thomas Esposito, O.Cist. “Sharing the gospel with friends and family”
08 Jan 2015 Texas Young Lawyers Association -Human Trafficking in Texas
04 Dec 2014 Deacon Tim Vineyard - Living a Life of Mercy
05 Nov 2014 Scott Crider, Ph.D.: Lincoln and the Art of Writing
02 Oct 2014 Brian Melton and Cristo Rey Network
17 Sep 2014 September Meeting (9/17/14), Professor Ron Rombs, University of Dallas
27 May 2014 Happy Hour co-sponsored by the STMS and the Young Catholic Professionals
08 May 2014 Johnny Elbow: Catholic Comedy--Just Unjustly and Injuriously Hilarious
03 Apr 2014 Barbara Panza: Oaths and the Trial of St. Thomas More
04 Mar 2014 J. Matthew Wilson, Ph.D, President Obama and the Catholic Vote
09 Jan 2014 Monica Ashour:True Humanism: Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body
05 Dec 2013 John Stanley: Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life
07 Nov 2013 Lisa Nicholas, Ph.D.:Literature and the Moral Imagination
03 Oct 2013 Hon. Kenneth Sheets: 2013 Texas Legislative Update
05 Sep 2013 The Current State of Conscience Protection for Physicians by Tom Brandt
05 Sep 2013 Dale Ahlquist: GK Chesterton on Laws and Lawyers
02 May 2013 Cynthia Wenz and Dominic Pedulla, M.D.: Status of Women's Healthcare in Texas
04 Apr 2013 Lauren Muzyka: Winning the Culture Battle -- Discussing Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty
07 Mar 2013 Fr. Alan McDonald: Thomas More and the English Martyrs--A Bold Witness to the Gospels
07 Feb 2013 Jeff Drummand: Obamacare--The Big Picture
03 Jan 2013 Thomas Keefe: The Future of Catholic Higher Education and Ex Corde Ecclesiae
06 Dec 2012 Ken Starr: Religious Liberty
01 Nov 2012 Justice Kerry Fitzgerald: The Right to Life
18 Oct 2012 Terry Murphy: Update on the HHS Mandate Litigation
17 Sep 2012 Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson: From More to Newman to Benedict XVI-- Catholics in Westminster Hall
06 Sep 2012 Fr. Gavin Vaverek and Sister Susan Catherine: From County Judge to Mother Superior
25 Aug 2012 Cocktail Reception Honoring Archbishop Lori
22 Jun 2012 CLE: Religious Liberty: America's First Freedom
05 Jun 2012 Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil, Iraq: Christians in Kurdistan
09 May 2012 STMS Social Hour
03 May 2012 Auxiliary Bishop Douglas Deshotel: The Law: the Good, the True, and the Beautiful
12 Apr 2012 Austin Ruse: Status of the Unborn Child in International Law
01 Mar 2012 Annette Gonzalez Taylor: Handling the Media
16 Feb 2012 STMS Social Hour
02 Feb 2012 Frank Valenzuela: Religion in Schools
05 Jan 2012 Mr. Paul Hunker, U.S. Department of Homeland Secruity
01 Dec 2011 Hon. Lawrence Meyers: Cancelled due to Speaker Illness
10 Nov 2011 Hon. Kenneth Sheets: 2011 Texas Legislative Update
06 Oct 2011 Professor Tom Watts: Overview of Catholic Social Teaching
08 Sep 2011 Bishop Mark Seitz
22 Jun 2011 Feast of St. Thomas More: Contemplating the Face of Jesus
05 May 2011 Tom Pauken: Bringing America Home
07 Apr 2011 David Whidden: The Light of Christ
03 Mar 2011 Marshall Taylor: The Medieval Roots of Contemporary Positive Law
03 Mar 2011 Barbara Panza: The Role of the Oath in the Trial of St. Thomas More.
01 Mar 2011 End-of-Life Issues Conference
23 Feb 2011 STMS Social Hour
03 Feb 2011 Dean John Attanasio: Cancelled due to Weather
06 Jan 2011 Mike Murray: Heroic media
02 Dec 2010 Dany Cody of Life Legal Defense Fund: Defending the Defenders of Life
04 Nov 2010 Rabbi Cytron-Walker: What is the Talmud, and why is it relevant in the American legal system today?
07 Oct 2010 Chuck Helms: The Book of Revelation
02 Sep 2010 Michael King: Manufacturing Mammon: An Ethical Critique of Today's Money
22 Jun 2010 Feast of St. Thomas More
04 May 2010 Scott Murray: Whatever It Takes: Life's Lessons from Sports
01 Apr 2010 David Whidden: Pilgrim in Exile: Anselm, Obedience, and the Law of the Land
04 Mar 2010 Kay Berry: Info About Notre Dame School of Dallas
04 Feb 2010 Mary Moorman Armstrong: Indulgences: A Revised Construal for Today
27 Jan 2010 STMS Social Hour
07 Jan 2010 STMS Monthly Meeting
03 Dec 2009 Dr. David Upham: Abaham Lincoln and the Natural Law
05 Nov 2009 Steve Kellmeyer: The Trials of Galileo
01 Oct 2009 Justice Kerry Fitzgerald: Appellate Oral Advocacy
03 Sep 2009 Will Hartnett: Update from the 2009 Legislative Session
07 May 2009 Prof. Michael P. Foley: The Catholic Contribution to Western Law
06 Apr 2009 Julia Danklef: Rise and Fall of Wall Street from a Catholic "Insider's" Perspective
05 Mar 2009 Jef Turner: End-of-Life Directives in Accord with Catholic Theology
04 Dec 2008 The Hon. Douglas Lang: Deeds, Not Words
04 Dec 2008 Hon Douglas Lang: Deeds Not Words; Mentors as Guiding Lights in the Legal Profession
06 Nov 2008 Hon. Tugendhat: Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights in England
06 Nov 2008 Hon. Michael Tugenhat: The Development of Human Rights in the Common Law System
02 Oct 2008 Prof. Ellen Pryor, SMU Law
04 Sep 2008 Suzanne Baars: Aquinas' Anthology as the Plumb Line for Our Busy Lives
26 Jun 2008 Feast Day Mass and Lunch
01 May 2008 Chuck Helms: Islam
03 Apr 2008 Msgr. Zimmerman: Ancient Rome
03 Jan 2008 Matthew Mehan: Thomas More on Education
06 Dec 2007 Fr. Vincent Higgins: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
08 Nov 2007 Richard Fossey; St. Katherine Anne Drexel
06 Sep 2007 Paulken and Hartnett: Recent Issues
06 Jul 2007 Martyrdom Mass and Lunch
22 Jun 2007 Feast Day Mass and Lunch
10 May 2007 Raymond Arroyo: Mother Angelica
01 Mar 2007 Fr. Vincent Higgins, L.C.: Evangelization
01 Feb 2007 Chuck Helms: The Book of Revelation
04 Jan 2007 Fr. Joe Tetlow, S.J.: Thomas More and Ignatius of Loyala
05 Feb 2004 Steve Carrigee:The Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort
12 Feb 2001 Gerry Wegemer on Patron of Statesmen
08 Nov 2000 STMS Legal Clinic
31 Oct 2000 St. Thomas More declared Patron Saint of Statesmen
22 Jun 2000 Feast Day of St. Thomas More
15 Mar 2000 Lenten Prayers & Devotion
02 Mar 2000 Tom Larson: Vatican II, Latin and teh Gregorian Chant
03 Feb 2000 Fr. Paul Weinberger: Impact of Atheism on Modenrn Society
07 Oct 1999 Fr. Paul Weinberger: Queenship of Mary
01 Oct 1999 Bishop Grahmann
16 Sep 1999 Ed Lynch: Legislative Update regarding IRAs
02 Sep 1999 Fr. Bart REynolds: Law and Conscience in the Thought of St. Thomas More
05 Aug 1999 Fr. Paul Weinberger: St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars
06 Jul 1999 Board of Directors Meeting
22 Jun 1999 Feast of St. Thomas More
12 Mar 1999 Regis Martin, S.T.D.: The Sadness of Christ
24 Feb 1999 Lenten Lecture Series: Fides Et Ratio
12 Feb 1999 Marcellino D'Ambrosio: Getting more out of the Mass
04 Feb 1999 Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio: Getting More out of Mass
07 Dec 1998 Fr. Paul Weinberger: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
09 Oct 1998 Douglas Bushman: Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies
10 Jul 1998 Board of Directors Meeting
21 May 1998 John Round, Esq.: Creating Social Capital Through Gift Alternatives
24 Mar 1998 Rosary for Rev. Msgr. William Botik, Christ the King Church
12 Feb 1998 Iain Benson: Religion in a Pluralistic Society
12 Dec 1997 James Patrick: St. John Fisher
05 Sep 1997 Breakfast Series: The Sadness of Christ
22 May 1997 Morning of Recollection: Observance of Martyrdom of STM
10 Apr 1997 Hal Teran - Estate Planning Strategies of the Catholic Foundation
21 Feb 1997 Tim Herrman: The Truth About Angels
04 Oct 1996 Douglas Bushman: Natural Thought and John Paul II
12 Sep 1996 Spiritual Reading Series: Portrait of Courage
31 Aug 1996 Hal Tehan: Estate Planning and the Catholic Foundation
24 Jul 1996 Evening of Recollection: Observance of Martyrdom of St. Thomas More
07 Jun 1996 Bishop Grahmann
27 Feb 1996 Lenten Breakfast Series: Balancing Law & Family Responsibilities
21 Feb 1996 Donn Anderson: Living the Gospel in Public Life
06 Dec 1995 James Patrick, Th.D. - Thomas More and the Law
18 Oct 1995 Meeting
10 Oct 1995 Breakfast Meeting
03 Oct 1995 Breakfast Meeting
26 Sep 1995 Breakfast Series on Evangelism Vitae
19 Sep 1995 Breakfast Meeting
29 Aug 1995 Spiritual Reading Class II
05 Jul 1995 Father Gilbert Graham of St Jude Chapel
27 Jun 1995 Dr. Tom Jodziwicz, University of Dallas on St. ThomasMore - A Family Portrait
01 May 1995 Breakfast Meeting
19 Apr 1995 Mr. Tom Pauken
16 Mar 1995 Dr. Gerry Wegemer - Breakfast Meeting
09 Mar 1995 Dr. Gerry Wegemer - Breakfast Meeting
02 Mar 1995 Dr. Gerry Wegemer - Lenten Breakfast Meeting
06 Dec 1994 Jorge Solis and Jane Boyle: Ethical Dilemmas
20 Sep 1994 Fall Ethics Course: Robin B. Hartmann
16 Sep 1994 Bishop Charles V. Grahmann
06 Jul 1994 Evening of Recollection - Thomas More Martyrdom
28 Jun 1994 Red Mass; Gerry Wegemer
27 Apr 1994 Judicial Reception
11 Feb 1994 Janet Smith: Law and Freedon
07 Dec 1993 Benard DiFiori - The Catholic Foundation
05 Nov 1992 Annual Fall Dinner - Raul Gonzalez
24 Jun 1992 Feast Day of St. Thomas More
29 Apr 1992 Judicial Reception
19 Feb 1992 Mass and Fr. Graham
03 Dec 1991 Gerry Wegemer: How Do Just Men Mete Out Justice?
03 Dec 1991 Gerard Wegemer: How Do Just Men Mete Out Justice?
17 Sep 1991 Gerry Wegemer Breakfast Series: Thomas More's Dialogue of Comfort
26 Jun 1991 Feast Day of St. Thomas More
02 Apr 1991 Prof Gerry Wegemer: Breakfast Series "Getting to Know Thomas More"
02 Apr 1991 Gerry Wegemer: Getting to Know St. Thomas More
04 Dec 1990 Rev. Killian J. Broderick: Catholic Charities
18 Sep 1990 Prof Gerry Wegemer: Breakfast Series on Thomas More and his writings
05 Jul 1990 Martyrdom of St. Thomas More and Evening of Recollection
26 Jun 1990 Frank Swietek: St. Thomas More and His Times
28 Apr 1990 Workshop: Preparation of Appeals for Amnesty Applicants
03 Apr 1990 Bishop Grahmann, Bishop Co-Adjutor, Diocese of Dallas
27 Mar 1990 Prof Gerry Wegemer: Breakfast Series on Thomas More's Utopia
07 Dec 1989 Feast of the Immaculate Conception and Bishop's Birthday
06 Jul 1989 Evening of Recollection with Fr. Joe Landauer
23 Jun 1989 Feast of St. Thomas More: Mass and Talk by Gerry Wegemer
01 Feb 1989 Tom Unis

The St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Dallas is open to Catholic attorneys and others interested in the intersection of faith and law.  Its purpose is to encourage Catholic lawyers within the diocese of Dallas to live a Christian vocation by sanctifying their daily work.  The St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Dallas is a Non-Profit Corporation and tax exempt under IRS 501(c)(3).

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