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Continuing Education


In keeping with its mission, the Society offers continuting legal education that studies the principles of natural law, the life and lessons of Thomas More, and other legal topics of interest to Catholic lawyers.  Scroll down below to see upcoming CLE offerings, as well as previous offerings. 


Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

01 Feb 2018 Thomas More’s Timeless Lessons for Lawyers
01 Dec 2016 Expert on St. Thomas More Lectures on Utopia
20 May 2015 Rescheduled - Representing Unaccompanied Children and Families in Immigration Court (CLE)
05 Nov 2014 Scott Crider, Ph.D.: Lincoln and the Art of Writing
03 Apr 2014 Barbara Panza: Oaths and the Trial of St. Thomas More
25 Sep 2013 "Magna Carta: The Promise of the Great Charter and Its Dependence on Ethical Lawyers," by Dr. David Upham, Director of Legal Studies, Univ. of Dallas
26 Jun 2013 "The Legal Profession at a Crossroads—Predicting our Future from the Past and Present," by Chief Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas
22 Jun 2012 CLE: Religious Liberty: America's First Freedom
12 Apr 2012 Austin Ruse: Status of the Unborn Child in International Law
02 Feb 2012 Frank Valenzuela: Religion in Schools
05 Jan 2012 Mr. Paul Hunker, U.S. Department of Homeland Secruity
01 Dec 2011 Hon. Lawrence Meyers: Cancelled due to Speaker Illness
10 Nov 2011 Hon. Kenneth Sheets: 2011 Texas Legislative Update
17 Jun 2011 CLE Ethics Seminar: Lessons for the Practice of Law from the Life and Writings of St. Thomas More
03 Mar 2011 Barbara Panza: The Role of the Oath in the Trial of St. Thomas More.
02 Dec 2010 Dany Cody of Life Legal Defense Fund: Defending the Defenders of Life
06 Jul 2010 CLE Seminar: The Trial of St. Thomas More
28 Apr 2010 CLE Seminar: Natural Law and the History of Conscience: Fundamentals and Current Applications
01 Oct 2009 Justice Kerry Fitzgerald: Appellate Oral Advocacy
07 May 2009 Prof. Michael P. Foley: The Catholic Contribution to Western Law
04 Dec 2008 The Hon. Douglas Lang: Deeds, Not Words
04 Dec 2008 Hon Douglas Lang: Deeds Not Words; Mentors as Guiding Lights in the Legal Profession
06 Nov 2008 Hon. Tugendhat: Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights in England
06 Nov 2008 Hon. Michael Tugenhat: The Development of Human Rights in the Common Law System
23 Mar 2007 CLE Seminar: Reclaiming the Good Name of Lawyers
02 Apr 2004 CLE: Iain Benson on Religious Liberty
02 Apr 2004 CLE Seminar: Defending the Family
15 Mar 2002 CLE Seminar: Liberty, Ethics and the Law
29 Mar 2001 CLE Ethics Seminar: Conscience and Ethics in the Life of a Lawyer
29 Mar 2000 CLE Ethics Seminar: Spirituality and Legal Ethics
16 Sep 1999 Ed Lynch: Legislative Update regarding IRAs
20 Sep 1994 Fall Ethics Course: Robin B. Hartmann
11 Feb 1994 Janet Smith: Law and Freedon
18 Sep 1990 Prof Gerry Wegemer: Breakfast Series on Thomas More and his writings
28 Apr 1990 Workshop: Preparation of Appeals for Amnesty Applicants



The St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Dallas is open to Catholic attorneys and others interested in the intersection of faith and law.  Its purpose is to encourage Catholic lawyers within the diocese of Dallas to live a Christian vocation by sanctifying their daily work.

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